Do you need a tooth extracted? At Gold Coast Mobile Dental, we are able to perform tooth extractions in our mobile dentist. We can perform simple extractions with a quick and relatively painless procedure in the comfort of your own home.

Our team are ready to have you smiling again, book your procedure today.

Surgical Extractions

If you require having your tooth surgically removed but you are able to get to your nearest dentist our team can help you. By delivering a surgical extraction procedure to your front door you can take out the stress of getting transport to your local dentist.

We have flexible bookings time to suit everyone. Book in today.

Repairs & Reline

At Gold Coast Mobile Dental, we are proudly assisting our patients with denture relines and adjustments. It is important to us to ensure that the fit of your denture is comfortable to ensure they last a long time

If you leave your denture and don’t change them as your mouth is changing you may start suffering from infection, mouth sores and other uncomfortable issues could occur. Book your denture care today!

Full Dentures

Are you needing full dentures but struggling to find a way to get to your local dentist? Contact the team at Gold Coast Mobile Dental to talk more about full dentures. We endeavour to have your full dentures bringing a smile to your face just 72 hours after the initial extraction.

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