General Dentistry

Mobile dentist for general check-ups

General Dentistry done in the privacy of your Gold Coast home.

As your primary health care provider for your teeth, Gold Coast Mobile Dental assists at every stage of maintenance and care for your teeth, gums and mouth. Using our van with portable dental technologies, we come to a location that suits your time and lifestyle. Onsite, our dentists assess, diagnose, treat and manage all your dental needs and can conduct treatments including general check-up and clean, routine cleaning, fillings and extractions.

Gold Coast Mobile Dental provides 6-monthly general check-ups where we will clean your teeth and mouth, while ensuring you are well informed about the best way to maintain optimum oral hygiene until we see you again. These regular check-ups prevent you developing serious dental issues that could otherwise result in harsher treatments that will cost you time and money. After assessing the condition of your mouth, we will work with you to develop a tailor made dental hygiene plan to tackle, treat and prevent any further decay or problems. We will conduct comprehensive teeth cleaning and scaling in the comfort of your favourite lounge chair and if necessary, may need to do an x-ray, or use other equipment to ascertain or diagnose other potential dental concerns.

Individualised care

Our senior patients require one-of-a-kind care due to health issues associated with the natural ageing process; being unable to drive or get to a dental practice; costly health care charges, or no dental insurance. Due to these factors, many of our elderly patients are at risk of ignoring or being unaware of severe tooth decay or infections until it is too late and we have no option but to extract a tooth. Other uncomfortable symptoms like tooth sensitivity due to enamel loss, dentin and gum and root deterioration may lead to tooth loss in our mature patients, meaning that they do need some special attention. Many suffer from gum disease (known as periodontal disease) due to poor diet, dental devices that don’t fit properly and diseases like as diabetes or cancer. Worsening this already unpleasant situation, retirees are also prone to gum tissue inflammation, dry mouth syndrome and thrush of the mouth (a fungal disease shown by white spots on the lining of the mouth due to a weakened immune system).

Gold Coast Mobile Dental suggest our seniors apply the following to ensure ongoing optimum oral health:

  • Mouthwash is a must and we suggest you do it after a thorough brushing of your teeth and daily flossing.
  • Consider a special toothbrush that can get into every nook and cranny and those hard-to-reach areas that normal toothbrushes simply cannot.
  • Be aware of how your mouth and teeth feel: think about how sensitive your teeth feel. Are you grinding your teeth or in pain? Do you have any sores, bumps, swelling or loose teeth? Is your jaw clicking or popping? Are you battling to swallow, chew or even quench your thirst? These are all signs that something may not be right.
  • Call us and schedule a regular check-up at least every 6 months – we offer a once-off call out fee.
  • Ensure your dental devices like dentures and bridges are applied and cleaned properly.
  • If you are having surgery of any kind, consider giving us a call so we can make sure there will be no complications with your teeth or dentures.
  • As your dental practitioners, keep us updated on any and all of your medication as and when it changes.
  • If you find brushing or flossing difficult, consider using a tongue depressor, soft washcloth or gauze to remove debris from your teeth and rinse thoroughly thereafter. You can continue to do this until such time that you are able to brush your teeth comfortably again. If you battle with dexterity (perhaps you have arthritis or similar), try putting the back end of the toothbrush into a tennis ball so that it is easier to manoeuvre. We offer more tips like this when we consult with you and assess your unique situation.


General Dentistry on the Gold Coast

The team at Gold Coast Mobile Dental are willing to do whatever we can to be a partner to those who are otherwise unable to get to a dentist. Let us come to you in your own time and offer you general dental treatments that will give you peace of mind and keep you smiling through the better years of your life.